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Stone countertops are the best for beauty, practicality, and durability.

What is one of the most used parts of your kitchen? What do you prepare food on, use to stack mail, decorate with bowls of fruit, or place dishes of food to consume? That’s right– your kitchen counter is frequently used, so it only makes sense that you would want your countertops to look nice. After all, other than their practicality, another use of a countertop is to tie the whole room together. In order to get the distinctive, artistic, and stunning countertops you desire, you’ll want to choose stone countertops for your kitchen.

Stone Countertops in Columbia, South Carolina

Are stone countertops worth it? The answer is yes! Aside from being visually appealing, well-maintained stone countertops have the potential to last anywhere from 20 years to a lifetime. Other types of countertops, such as laminate, typically only last for about 10 to 20 years. Since stone countertops are derived from the earth, they are significantly more durable than the cheaper countertop alternatives. You can put your stone countertops through hot pans, sharp knives, and frequent spills, and they will remain virtually unscathed.

We’ve worked with all kinds of stone for our customers in Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas. The beauty of stone countertops, along with their practicality and durability, makes an excellent choice in your renovations. Our experience delivers high-quality results to your home, so you know you’ll be getting a countertop that you’ll love for years to come. Call us at Creative Granite Group today!

At Creative Granite Group, we install stone countertops in West Columbia, Columbia, Lexington, Arcadia Lakes, Blythewood, Cayce, Chapin, Dentsville, Forest Acres, Richland County, and Lexington County, South Carolina.