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There are many benefits of choosing quartz kitchen counters.

When you’re remodeling your kitchen, one of the biggest things you need to consider is what countertop to choose. Do you want to go with an inexpensive laminate counter or a more sturdy and stunning stone? There are pros and cons to all countertops, but you can’t deny the beauty of quartz kitchen counters, which is why we especially love working with our customers in West Columbia, South Carolina and surrounding areas to give them the elegant and gorgeous countertops they desire.

Quartz Kitchen Counters in West Columbia, South Carolina

Quartz countertops are manufactured from about 95% quartz and 5% polymer resins. Quartz kitchen counters don’t stain and are extremely easy to clean, making them a popular option whether you cook a lot and don’t want to have to scrub away the mess or you love the timeless, clean look of the manufactured stone.

Quartz Counter Tops

There are even benefits of quartz for your kitchen counters over other stones, such as granite. Quartz kitchen counters are less susceptible to bacteria and are easier to maintain. They’re also more durable than granite, so you can expect a stronger and more reliable surface. When you decide that a quartz countertop is the way you want to go, we can provide you with plenty of different looks and styles of quartz for you to choose from.

We have the experience, talent, and expertise to bring your kitchen visions to life. Call us at Creative Granite Group to make all your redesigned kitchen dreams a reality today!

At Creative Granite Group, we install quartz kitchen counters in West Columbia, Columbia, Lexington, Arcadia Lakes, Blythewood, Cayce, Chapin, Dentsville, Forest Acres, Richland County, and Lexington County, South Carolina.