6 Elegant Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas to Elevate Your Space

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Kitchen cabinets are a great opportunity to showcase your style. Whatever your aesthetic, there is a cabinet design idea to match. From dramatic contrasts to small details such as cabinet hardware, cabinet design can enhance the look and feel of your kitchen.

6 Elegant Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas to Elevate Your Space

Here are 6 elegant kitchen cabinet design ideas we love:

  1. Contrast to the max – Embrace contrast in your kitchen cabinet design with elements like black cabinets set on a bright white wall, backsplash, and countertop accents, or vibrant red or blue cabinets against a neutral backdrop.
  2. Monochromatic elegance – Let your cabinets flow seamlessly into your backsplash and onto the countertops with monochromatic grace.
  3. Striking split – Split the look of your upper and lower cabinets by choosing coordinating yet contrasting colors, finishes, and even hardware.
  4. Fabric door panels – If you love the look of glass panel cabinet doors, but dread the idea of keeping your cabinets presentable, add fabric for the best of both worlds for your kitchen cabinet design. Fabric ‘curtains’ inside glass cabinet door panels add interest while keeping the contents of your cabinets hidden.
  5. Gentle pops of color – Play with a new spin on neutrals by going with a cool, muted blue or a soft, seafoam green for your cabinets. You can even go dark with this idea and choose a deep neutral gray for rich yet understated hues.
  6. Retro hardware – Update your cabinet hardware with retro brass handles and coordinating knobs for a simple splash of elegance.

Whatever your kitchen cabinet design dreams, our team at the Creative Granite Group can bring them to life. Contact us to learn more!