Find a Show-Stopping Kitchen Cabinet Design

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We’ve all been guilty of spending too much time scrolling through photo collections of kitchen cabinet inspiration. We’ve all saved designs we love the most and store them in a special wish list folder or Pinterest board that will resurface when renovation time comes.

Find a Show-Stopping Kitchen Cabinet Design

At Creative Granite Group, we can take your inspiration and turn it into a real show-stopping centerpiece of your home. We’ll help you install high-quality kitchen cabinets that reflect your personal style and make your kitchen an inviting gathering place.

Kitchen cabinets come in different types and styles. Types of cabinets include partial overlay, full overlay, and inset. Partial overlay is typically your standard cabinetry with the door only covering a part of the cabinet surface, while full overlay doesn’t reveal any of the surface. This later design has a more contemporary style. Inset refers to the door sitting inside the cabinet so it is flush with the frame.

The door style, framed or frameless, sets the entire tone for your kitchen. This is typically the texture of your cabinetry, like incorporating beadboard, louver, glass, and much more. When designing your kitchen cabinets, color and finish also play big roles in the overall style.

We’ll be a step-by-step guide to help you find the best fit for each feature of your kitchen cabinets. With our expertise, we’ll enhance the aesthetic and functionally of your home with personal kitchen cabinet designs. Our technicians are eager to help you match your new cabinets to other features, like backsplashes, to ensure all elements of your kitchen are exactly what you’ve wanted.