Four Styles of Custom Sinks to Consider for Your Kitchen

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One of the most important parts of your kitchen is the sink. You wash dishes and hands, and use the sink to get both hot and cold water for cleaning, cooking, or drinking. While sinks are undoubtedly practical, you can also have fun with the design, whether than means exploring the layout when renovating your kitchen or just wanting to replace your old sink with a new one.

Four Styles of Custom Sinks to Consider for Your Kitchen

You don’t have to be limited by the standard sink your home came with; you can look into custom sinks to find what’s best for you. Here are four examples of custom sinks styles that you can choose from:

  1. Drainboard sink: If you like to wash dishes by hand, or you find that you have large pots and pans that are always needing to dry off, then a drainboard sink could be the perfect style for you. This sink is built with a drainboard that will trap water and lead it back into the sink.
  2. Corner sink: These are pretty uncommon, but if you want separate and distinct washing and drying sections in your sink, then a corner sink is great. You’ll need to get this one custom built, though, as the corner of a counter will need to be specifically renovated to fit this kind of sink.
  3. Rimmed sink: One of the most typical sinks you might find in a home is a rimmed sink. The relatively low cost and easy maintenance are additional pros to those who enjoy the look of the distinct start of the sink from the counter.
  4. Undermount sink: As the opposite of a rimmed sink, an undermount sink has no division between the sink and counter. This allows water and waste to be easily swept off the counter and into the sink.

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