Make Your Dream of a Granite Bathroom a Reality

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In many luxury homes, you’ll find a gorgeous granite bathroom. At Creative Granite Group, we want to help you decide if granite is right for you by sharing a few pros and cons of using granite in the bathroom.

Make Your Dream of a Granite Bathroom a Reality

Pros of granite bathrooms:

  • Uniqueness. No two slabs of natural granite ever have the exact same color or pattern. Colors can range from browns and oranges to grays and blacks or whites and tans. You can sort through a number of granite slabs to find the design that fits best with the style of your bathroom.
  • Custom cut. We’ll send our trained technicians to measure precise cuts, so your granite slab has a perfect and seamless fit. There’s no need to fill spacious gaps with clumps of calk.
  • High-quality. Granite not only adds value, but it also adds to the aesthetic style of your home. This material is durable and tough enough to stand up against abrasive damage and high heat—ideal for bathroom settings.

Cons of granite bathrooms:

  • Weight. Granite slabs are large pieces of solid stone, which means they can weigh a lot more than other countertop materials. Large slabs may be cut into smaller slabs and sealed together to look seamless, but with the significant weight, it’s important to find durable cabinets that are suitable for granite.
  • Regular sealant. When you choose to install granite bathroom countertops, they must be sealed or they will retain moisture. If your counters aren’t sealed every few years, the moisture can compromise the integrity of your granite by becoming more susceptible to surface stains.
  • Cost. Often the higher cost of granite can be steep depending on what you’re looking for. The price is generally calculated by the square foot, the quality, the texture, and the color of the slab.

If you’d like to learn more about granite bathrooms, reach out to a member of our team so we can help.