TLC Tips for Your New Quartz Bathroom Counter

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Quartz has neutral colors and dazzling patterns that bring a chic look to any space, even your bathroom. But like any great beauty, it needs proper care to keep turning heads. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got you covered.

TLC Tips for Your New Quartz Bathroom Counter

If you’ve embarked on a quartz bathroom counter installation project, here are some easy tips to ensure it remains the belle of your bathroom for years to come:

  • Gentle Cleaning. You’ll be delighted to know that cleaning your quartz bathroom counter is super easy. There’s no need for expensive and abrasive detergents, as these usually do more harm than good. A soft cloth and warm water will do the trick, provided you do it regularly to prevent stains from sticking to the counter.
  • Scrape, not scrub. If you notice any crustiness that may be interfering with the allure of your quartz bathroom counter, don’t panic. Using scrubbers can scratch the surface of your counter, leading to irreversible damage. The best option is to gently remove any excess buildup using a putty knife. Be sure to keep the knife in a bathroom drawer for easier access and faster results.
  • Degreasing. A greasy quartz surface makes your investment appear lackluster; therefore, make a point of applying degreasing agents every once in a while. Avoid using bleach as it is too abrasive. Once the degreasing agent has settled on the surface, rinse it off with soapy water. You should notice an immediate improvement.
  • Use Coasters. If you store acidic or alcoholic cosmetic products in your bathroom, consider using coasters whenever you place them on the counter. This will reduce the chances of the products spilling onto the precious quartz surface, which can leave permanent stains.

As you can see, maintaining your bathroom’s quartz surfaces is a cinch. For more tips on how to get the best out of your new quartz bathroom counter installation, talk to us today.