What Kind of Backsplashes Are Best for Your Kitchen?

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Backsplashes: are they more practical or decorative? Sure, they’re meant to protect your kitchen wall from any splashes from the sink or stove, but that doesn’t mean that the paneling that varies between a couple of inches to a foot or two has to look boring.

What Kind of Backsplashes Are Best for Your Kitchen?

Backsplashes are typically the final part of any kitchen renovation process, which emphasizes the need to pick a good backsplash to tie your whole kitchen together. One good way to secure a vibrant kitchen that you’ll love is to use tiles for your backsplashes, which can come in several different designs:

  • Solid tiles: These tiles are placed in a systematic pattern to build your backsplashes. Whether you want a uniform appearance or an innovative look, solid tiles can offer a number of designs sure to suit your particular tastes. Depending on the material of the solid tiles, you might find you like a natural, changeable look instead of a solid backdrop.
  • Mosaic tiles: If you’re looking for a unique, versatile backsplash, mosaic tiles might just be the answer. There is more creative freedom with the size and shape of these tiles, as these tiles are made from glass and can be molded to your preferences.
  • Patterned tiles: Potentially the most unique look could be created from patterned tiles. These tiles typically are printed with designs and patterns. You have the flexibility with materials and can really set a design that brings your vision to life.

Backsplashes can be created from a number of materials, such as stone, glass, or porcelain. Any of these materials or types allows you to be creative with the design of your backsplashes. You can even experiment with different shapes and sizes within these materials, resulting in a distinctive and attractive pattern for your backsplashes. Give us a call at Creative Granite Group today!